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Page Size Checker 

The Page Size Checker device is accessible to use for nothing. In the event that you have a moderate stacking site page (utilize this device to check the pace) it can bring about a high skip rate since web clients have zero resilience for moderate stacking sites. 

A normal little page is roughly 12 KB, and that will stack rapidly. The more media on a page, the greater the page size and the slower it will stack. Implanted recordings, pictures, sound, representation, streak, and different types of media will expand your page size. 

When you utilize this device the outcomes will demonstrate the extent of your site page in both Bytes and in Kilo Bytes (KB). 

In the event that you have constrained space with your web host– (1. locate a superior web host! what's more, 2.) monitor the amount of space you're utilizing by evaluating every website page. All the more significantly, breaking point the extent of every page to keep up speedier burden time and keep your skip rate low.