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How Can This Page Rank Check Tool Work? 

In the event that you need to discover the Page Rank of a site, you need to the URL for various pages – not only the "Home" page. For instance of how diverse pages have an alternate score, take a stab at checking: http://seotoolshub/backlink-checker/
There are distinctive PR values for every connection. On the off chance that you anticipate obtaining promoting or purchasing an "utilized" site, this free Page Rank Checker can help you settle on an educated choice. 

My Page Rank Results Are Red. What Does That Mean? 

The Page Rank Checker on Small SEO Tools offers propelled knowledge not ordinarily found with other free PR checkers. The red results let you know when a Page Rank is fake, or false. Some shady people will utilize an assortment of techniques to make a "satire" Page Rank. You can utilize this device to check the legitimacy of a site before you purchase it, or purchase promoting, and spare yourself from getting defrauded. Basically, most apparatuses will demonstrate you only a Page Rank and you could in any case be suckered into squandering your cash on a trick. In any case, Small SEO Tools gives a shading plan to distinguish the Fake PR from True PR, offering you genuine feelings of serenity 

About Google Page Rank 

page Rank (named after Larry Page) is a connection investigation calculation utilized by Google that measures what number of connections point to a site or page, and all the more critically the quality or significance of the locales that give those connections. It utilizes a numerical scale, with 0 being the slightest vital and 10 being the most vital. While trying to "cheat the framework", some site proprietors have attempted to buy joins back to their site seeking after a higher Page Rank. Be that as it may, those low quality connections can have a negative effect and result in a lower Google Page Rank. Likewise, a site might be punished or hindered from list items, offering need to sites and website pages that have quality linkbacks and substance that is profitable to people. On the off chance that your Page Rank Test results are lower than you'd like them to be, you might need to utilize this Back Link Check device to decide the Page Rank (worth) of locales that are connecting to your site or page, then further examing the estimation of every individual connection with this Link Analysis apparatus. Likewise, you can utilize this Backlink Maker device to make profitable (high PR) linkbacks.Page Rank is just overhauled 2 to 3 times each year, so the best arrangement is to put your best foot forward with worth third party referencing and quality substance, and after that run this test on a quarterly premise to check whether there are any progressions. Critical: Please DO NOT alter the code, else we can not ensure the right work of our free page rank checking instrument that shows the page rank worth!